C ubase FAQ
updated May 2009
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1 How to record midi tracks to audio tracks so that you can mix and apply effects in the Audio Mixer
2 About Latency - When it matters and when you can work round it
3 I can't play the top C (C6) on my keyboard (Cubase 5)
4 Export Audio doesn't include everything I want
5 Windows XP and ACPI
6 Dual monitors?
7 Emulated midi ports in SX
8 Corrupt fonts in Score Edit
9 Can I listen directly to audio effects, using Cubase like an effects box?
10 Punch In & Punch Out
11 My timeline shows Bars/Minutes and Seconds, and I want the other one
12 The problem with SoundBlaster, Audigy cards
13 Compression
14 Track 1 gets recorded on track 2
15 Clicks and pops
16 Where are my User Templates?
17 Computer freezes while running Cubase
18. Erratic MIDI track record activation
19 Hanging notes in Halion 1

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