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Farewell from The Bachelors with John Stokes 2022

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John Stokes, with Jonathan Young and Dave Pearson
(and always remembering Kevin Neill) keep the music alive.

Diane, I Believe, Making Memories, I Wouldn't Trade You For The World, Marie, Love Me With All Your Heart, Ramona, Charmaine, My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic), Danny Boy, Marta, The Fields Of Athenry...and many more.

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The Renaissance of the Bachelors...

Baclelors picture with Kevin...began towards the end of 1995.
The original group, comprising Con & Dec Cluskey and John Stokes, had split up in 1984 with the members going their separate ways experiencing varying degrees of success.
John Stokes went into a number of diverse projects, organizing holidays for the elderly, corporate functions and pro-am golf tournaments.

Frank Carson posterAlthough he did this with great success, notably persuading his friend Howard Keel to come to Mere golf club every year and raise thousands of pounds for charity, he still missed singing those great songs that made the Bachelors world famous in the 60s and 70s.

Over the years John had been inundated with fans asking him to reform the group and although he was sometimes tempted he wasn’t sure he could find the right people to recreate those great harmonies. He wanted a sound that could do all those fabulous hit songs justice, in other words it had to be right or not at all.

John had always believed the songs would stand the test of time and when two television actors called Robson and Jerome recorded “I Believe” and took it to number one he knew he was right.

John then contacted his old friend Kevin Neill, who he had known since the sixties when Kevin played in the Karl Denver Trio, told him of his plans to reform the group and together they set out to look for that third person.
Armed with a list of possible recruits they set out to look for the final link and their first port of call was Barns Green Catholic Club in Manchester.

Jonathan Young, the well known Irish singer/ guitarist was on stage going through his act and after watching it Kevin said to John “I don’t think we need look any further!"

They didn’t.

The renaissance had begun...

What follows is not a complete history, but a collection of memories, both personal and professional, obtained through interviews with John Stokes and Jonathan Young.

John Stokes would like to thank all the great musicans who accompanied them on their recordings and on their live shows and, although too numerous to mention individually, their work will forever be appreciated.

Looking back over the last 22 years, what stands out is this -
If you book The Bachelors with John Stokes, you will book an act that you will re-book time and time again.

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"BIG NIGHT OF FUN" Auden Theatre, Holt, Norfolk
John duets with Lena Zavaroni

Kevin Picture

Tribute Dinner to Kevin Neill

Memories of Kevin.