The Bachelors
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In 1984 John Stokes started organizing holidays mainly for the over 50’s.
The company was called the Good Companions and proved to be very successful.  He would take them to places like Bournemouth and the Isle of Man, but mostly Blackpool where events would take place in Hotels like The Metropolis and the Lansdowne (which later became Tiffany’s).
John continued these holidays as a joint venture with Kevin and Jonathan and over the years they proved to be great fun.
John smiles as he recalls the laughs they had doing the Spring Breaks and especially Tinsel and Turkey in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  “We did a Pantomime every year with Kevin as the Dame, Jonathan as the Villain and me playing nearly all the other parts with different hats.”
Then there were the guest stars Syd Little, Bobby Bennet, Gaynor Conner, Callum McKinnon, Pat O’Hare and that great trouper the late Phil Kelly.  What fantastic memories.
Kevin as the Dame, John as the Genie and Jonathan as the Villain.
John Stokes Bachelors still do these holidays from time to time when commitments permit, and when they do the information will appear on this site.