The Bachelors
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We're the LIVE SHOW - no backing tracks!

The fans who longed for nostalgic tunes were not disappointed as the trio gave splendid renditions of all their hits. Their spoof of Riverdance had the audience enthralled, in contrast their interpretation of the theme from the film 'Titanic' worked splendidly. John Stokes' Bachelors sent the audience home in a happy sentimental mood. Capture them on tour and witness their recaptured magic first hand.
(The Irish World)

For my money The Bachelors steal the show. John Stokes, after a long search has teamed up with Jonathan Young and Kevin Neill to form a new group and create a more upbeat sound. All the old favourites are there, Diane, Charmaine, I Believe, but there's a new and vibrant presentation which makes the old sixties sound a very pale comparison. Jonathan's voice is powerful yet easy on the ear and Kevin's excellent guitar playing bring a new dimension to the group's repertoire. I can't help feeling that The Bachelors are the real stars and I'll swear there wasn't a dry eye in the place with their splendid interpretation of the love theme from 'Titanic.'
(Phil Smith on the North Pier, Blackpool)

Back for their second successive season are the John Stokes Bachelors. Closing the show as special guests they are exactly right for the start of the season. The line-up also features former Karl Denver Trio guitarist Kevin Neill and the strong vocals of Jonathan Young. They mix selections from their back catalogue of almost twenty hit singles with newer material and come across as a stronger performing act than the original trio.
(Robin Duke, The Stage)

The show featured John Stokes' Bachelors and the performance was very professional well delivered and as good as the original 60's recordings. A mixed audience gave them a tremendous ovation and brought them back for two encores. I would recommend John Stokes' Bachelors to anyone. An entertaining and Harmonious act.
(Malcolm Turner, The Beat Goes On)

Returning from Australia, on their sixth visit in five years, the promoter declared this was their most successful tour, which opened up parts of the continent they have never appeared before. They will be returning there in 2006.

On the recent appearance at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, for a record fifth time, Brian Goddard, the Chief Executive stated "The reason I book John Stokes' Bachelors, is because they are the most entertaining act I have seen."