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1931 - 2010

Type "Kevin Neill" into the search box at and you'll find plenty of Kevin's music, posted by his family and others

passed away peacefully at his home on 13th March 2010

This section of our web site will be a lasting memorial to Kevin. If there is anyone in the business who knew him and would like to express their thoughts, please email

“In Kevin we have lost a great entertainer and a great guitarist but most of all a dear friend”
John Stokes and Jonathan Young.

“As a friend and colleague he was supportive, wise and thoughtful. His death is a huge loss.
Roy Walker.

“One of the nicest men in the business who always had time for a friendly chat and an exceptional musician”
Don Reid

Kevin will be missed by audiences and fellow entertainers alike. His wonderfull  guitar skills and captivating smile lit up stages all over the world. He’s left us with so many happy memories.
Jimmy Cricket

Marty Wilde writes:

"Joyce and I first met Kevin in the early 60s when we toured a lot together in those wonderful big shows that toured around our country and always found Kevin to be a real tonic on any hard touring day - there was always that big smile - a warm Northern accent- and a fantastically positive attitude which I know played such an important part in the huge success that the Karl Denver trio had.

So sad to hear of his passing, please convey our condolences to Claire and the family, and if there is a heaven up there you can bet your life his guitar will be playing - and that flashing smile will be charming all the angels.

So thanks Kevin for all the wonderful happy memories."

"The impact this lovely man had on my life far, far outweighs the length of time I spent in his company.  He was a man of words and I remember a long chat we had about different people and their use of the English language but most of all he was always happy to talk about music.  Not only to talk about it but to play it and to pass on all kinds of information, playing tips and suggestions of “try it this way”.  I never ceased to be entertained by Kevin on and off stage.  He was a hero who became a friend and I never saw him without that big beaming smile that lit up rooms all over the world.  Thanks Kev, you were a superb musician, a lovely man and the warmest of human beings."

Pete Martin (Hanky Park)

Bachelors pic

Kevin Neill, Manchester, England , Musician (lead electric guitar, acoustic guitar, trombone), married Claire Cregan, 6th April 1953, 2 daughters.

Career: Johnny Ray tour 1954; Royal Command Performance, Oh Boy 1959; Anthony Newley Tour, 1960; Don Lang and Frantic Five; Princess Margaret's state wedding ball, with Joe Loss Orchestra, Buckingham Palace; Accompanied Vera Lynn, Frankie Vaughn; Frankie Laine; Vic Lewis Orchestra; Eric Winstone Orchestra; BBC Northern Variety Orchestra; BBC Midland Orchestra; Karl Denver Trio, 26 years. Compositions: Points North; Singin' And Swingin'.

Recordings: Hits with Karl Denver Trio: Wimoweh; Marcheta; Mexicali Rose; Love Me With All Your Heart; Still; Sleepy Lagoon; Just A Little Love; Never Goodbye (Eurovision Song Contest Entry) Harry Lime Theme, E.M.I Release.

Honours: Examiner, electric guitar, The London College of Music; Awarded Special Achievement Award from Irish World Newspaper, 1999. Memberships: Vaudeville Golf Society; Variety Club Golf Society. Hobby: Golf


From Geoff Jones:

"Kevin has been to Australia several times with both The Karl Denver Trio & The Bachelors, I was involved with Kevin on six tours of the Bachelors in Australia.

In those tours I don’t know of any musician who made a bigger impression & made more friends than Kevin. His magic personality both on & off stage was infectious & the sadness felt by Kevin’s passing in Australia by musicians, artists & the punters he met, would not be matched by any other country outside of Great Britain.

He made friends wherever he went, especially in Sydney where he played golf with V.A.G.S. (Variety Artists Golfing Society) & at the Echidna’s which is similar to your Water Rats. He made friends with Club managers & directors of various Clubs throughout Sydney, especially at Bankstown Sports Club where he kept in regular contact right up to his illness.

Kevin was the ultimate entertainer, even if he wasn’t feeling the best or suffering from an almighty hangover, on stage he was as bubbly as ever never missing a beat. His love of music shone through & the stories he told of years past in the business, would keep us laughing & intrigued."

PHONE  AND FAX NO. 61 2 9792-3392 MOBILE 0147 481 913

Karl Denver
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Hank Marvin
Kevin with another guitarist!

Kevin McKormick
Kevin McCormick, president of Bankstown Sporting Club, Sydney N.SW. presents Kevin with a Gretsch White Falcon Guitar

Marty Wilde
Marty Wilde, Kevin

Claire with Kevin's great friend Manchester's Musical Legend The late Johnny Roadhouse

Johnny Ray
Johnny Ray, Kevin

Kevin at The Summer Palace in Saint Petersburg


Kevin's last recording

From left to right  Karl Denver, Gerry Cotterell (two thirds of the Trio) The Tornados,  Heinz, Georg Clem Cattini  Marty Wilde  Alan, Billy Fury, Roger, Kevin Neill

Billy Fury, Kevin, Karl Denver, Gerry Cottrell

With Les Paul in New York


Photo taken in 1963 in Blackpool, if you're clever you will spot a lot of stars, including Hank with young Kevin on his right.

Jonathan at The Church of the spilt blood in Saint Petersburg

Claire with Duggie Brown in Tenerife

One of the last photos taken of the late Freddie Garrity of Dreamers fame