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In 1981 Laurence was given a Sinclair ZX81 computer. He stayed awake for a week playing with it!  Since then interest in computers has developed, particularly in the field of music applications such as the score writing program Sibelius and the audio sequencer Cubase. He maintains a Cubase FAQ page, and spends far too much time keeping his friends' computers running smoothly.

IN 2007 he complained about an article in the Sunday Times endorsing the myth of "magic" audio cables.  This prompted an invitation to a shambolic testing session at the offices of What Hi-Fi?  The story is here.

Laurence looks after web sites for  The Hiss & Boo Company,  Ian Liston's Star Wars character -Wes Janson, The Bachelors  Mark Wynter Jess Conrad   Pennington & Partners (Arts)  Red Wine Theatre  and  Cinema , Peter Wynne, Linda Watts, singer, Derek Wright piano, tuner in Ilford, Romford, Woodford and many more.

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