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ROY HUDD's Very Own Music Hall
Touring Britain in 2016

Visit the website for more details

Roy Hudd's Very Own Music Hall

Shakespeare Revue

The Shakespeare Revue is currently being produced for a UK tour by Kenny Wax Ltd

The British Music Hall tradition is flourishing at Vincent Hayes' BRICK LANE MUSIC HALL in London's Docklands.  Hiss & Boo is happy to recommend this establishment.

We receive many enquiries about Robert Duncan’s play “CLUEDO”  (“CLUE” in the USA) which we have in the past produced with great success.

We’re sorry to say that Hasbro Inc., the owners of the “Grand Rights” to the title, format and characters of “Cluedo” / “Clue” have (as of April 2008) withdrawn them for theatrical use pending another planned movie for “Clue”. In spite of repeated attempts to get them to allow us to continue performing and licensing the play, I’m sorry to say we’ve drawn a complete blank from them and they are adamant that the play may not be staged in the foreseeable future. Consequently there’s nothing we can do as the play can’t be performed without those all important permissions.
Maybe we’ll get to do it again one day and repeat its past successes: we are eternal optimists!

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