To say that Music Hall started in the public song and supper rooms of the 1850s, advanced into the theatre of the late 19th century and was killed off by the advent of radio and TV encapsulates a whole, vital era into a few words.

The Hiss & Boo Music Hall and Variety Show of the 21st Century - and the 30 years of our existence - is a pastiche of all that was best of Victorian Music Hall and Edwardian and post-war Variety: a fast moving blend of comedy, melodrama and song which involves the audience to the full.

Ours is not an 'olde-tyme' show. Far from it. We are not trying to recreate the acts of the inimitable stars of Music Hall and Variety, their memory lingers on. Our show is an affectionate plaudit to their STYLE. More than anything else we'll be happy if you leave the theatre feeling you've been ENTERTAINED.

We draw our performers from a pool of established actors and actresses whose highly specialised Music Hall work is an adjunct to their professional careers.
We also draw from a list of bill-toppers, some of whom are the last surviving stars and big names from the world of Variety.

Current Music Hall productions

East End Memories  - contains some absolutely fascinating glimpses and memories of East End life.

The Hiss and Boo Songsheet

Locating Music Hall and Variety Artistes by Michael Kilgarriff

Locating Songs

Article: "Let me make a nation's songs, and let who will make their laws" by Roy Hudd

Article: "A Great British Tradition" by Barbara Windsor

Article: "Hiss and Boo" by juggler and comedian Mat Ricardo

Information on Castings/Auditions and for Writers & Authors


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