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John Stokes Bachelors were now in their 10th year since reforming, proving they were here to stay and enjoying every minute of it.
The year began with a series of one nighters up until April 4th when they performed for the first time at the Brick Lane Music Hall in London, doing six shows.  The venue is the brain-child of one Vincent Hayes who took over an old church near London City Airport and turned it into something truly magical. Vince is one hundred percent hands-on and has surrounded himself with some terrific people - to call them staff would be an insult. This frees him to star in and compere the shows in his own cheeky-chappie style.

Their old pal Gerry Flynn from Enjoy Travel popped up again taking them for a week in Ibiza.

They had a great time, working with some great Irish singers, people like Johnny Mc Avoy and Sean Wilson plus a host of Irish bands playing all types of Irish music.

John says he would recommend these holidays, especially to anyone who like’s dancing from morning till night.
Getting back to do a show at the Opera House, Blackpool was quite scary as they only just made it and were glad they did as was promoter Warren Tully who was having kittens.  The show was a great success with a standing ovation.
June 17th found the Bachelors in an unusual venue. The show took place in an aircraft hanger with a Lancaster bomber as stage backdrop. They were supported by the Pasadena Roof Orchestra who had everybody dancing.  You don’t forget nights like that.
The Music Hall in Ilkley, Yorkshire was a nice show especially working with a lot of their old friends. There was more Cruising before and after their trip to Australia which was different his year. It was the first time they performed in Western Australia. It involved a lot of travelling but the audiences were fantastic, especially Friends Restraunt, Perth, where they did two shows, both sell-outs.

A memorable social event would have to be the Echidnas monthly dinner. The Echidnas, by the way, being the Australian equivalent of The Water Rats. John, Kevin and Jonathan were made honorary members, which was quite an honour in itself.
John's old friend Frank Ifeild heard him on the Radio saying he’d be there, so Frank turned up for a chat about old times. As soon as he seen The Bachelors he said “I Remember You.”
On the subject of the Water Rats, its worth mentioning that the boys had a great time on the River Cruise in London on the 6th of June. Vince Hayes and John’s brother Brian came as their guests. It’s always good to meet up with old friends in pleasant surroundings.

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