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We are now into February and looking back to my favourite January memory. It has to be The Rochdale Mayor’s Charity Extravaganza organized by former mayor our good friend Peter Rush which took place at The Heywood Civic Centre.

Heywood 2017 3The show got off to a good start with a young singer who had the unusual name of BABYOLA. He had a really nice voice which John, Dave and I all agreed was reminiscent of the great SAM COOKE. He was followed by CARNABY STREET, Clive, Mick and John paying tribute to the sixties like only they can.

Closing the first half we had our good friend JIMMY CRICKET. What can I say about this guy that hasn’t been said before? The audience loved him, and what’s not to love. I personally have known him for nearly fifty years and his enthusiasm for entertaining people has not diminished one iota, and it shows.

I was glad we were following the interval and not Jimmy, Ha!

We really enjoyed our part in the show, especially the reaction from the audience which was first class as was the backing from CARNABY STREET.

The whole show was linked together by our great pal DUSTY YOUNG, who stood in as compere at the very last minute. Dusty has a style of his own which enables him to work with other comedians such as Jimmy, without clashing. Unfortunately he had to rush off as he had another show to do, in July, hence he does not appear on the photographs.

It was nice to meet the current Mayor, the Lady Mayor and the sponsors; they were on the front row with Peter and sang louder than anyone.

We know a lot of our fans travel a long way and we thank them especially Irene and her party who came all the way from Wolverhampton. Their friend Jackie couldn’t make it as she had just had a serious operation so we have sent her a card and wish her a speedy recovery.

Hope to see some of you at The Lowther Pavilion in Lytham on February the 24th in what promises to be a great show.

Heywood 2017 2Heywood 2017 1

cobridge poster


As I have pointed out before we only advertise on our site venues when the promoter sends us a poster and specifically asks us to. Most of our venues like WARNERS and THE VARIOUS CRUISE LINES etc. have their own advertising outlets.

It’s a long time since we have worked Stoke on Trent so we are looking forward to going back there on April 15th. For details see poster.

The Blackpool Branch of EQUITY tell us there are still a few tickets available for The Lowther Pavilion, Lytham on the 24th of February, It’s what we call in the business A PROPER SHOW.

We have just had an email from our old friend POP LARKIN from Salford Community Radio, Pop has interviewed us many times and promoted our shows and played our records. The station is run by volunteers and due to council cut backs it is destined to close in September unless a sponsor can be found. If there is anyone out there who might be able to help in any way simply log on to

Lowther 2017 blackpool 2002
Thank you Des Day and all the acts from the Blackpool Branch of Equity for putting on a great show and all in aid of THE LOWTHER PAVILION DEVELOPMENT FUND. Great audience, great staff, great theatre. And yes Irene our number one fan and her three friends travelled all the way from West Bromwich in dreadful weather along with our fans from Manchester. THANK YOU. We would just like to say how nice it was to be back in Blackpool again (Well Lytham actually) If you look back through the years on our web site you will see that we have done six summer seasons at The North Pier Theatre. The most memorable I suppose would be 2002 when we did 22 weeks. Thank you promoter DUGGIE CHAPMAN who in our opinion epitomises Blackpool.
kevinI happened to mention on Facebook that the 13th of March marks the 7th anniversary of Kevin’s passing and as it is every year the response was tremendous. I don’t think he ever realized how well thought of he was. I always think that at this time of year its nice to log on to TRIBUTE TO KEVIN to remind ourselves what a great person he really was.

Duggie ChapmanOn the 21st of April our world of show business paid tribute to Blackpool impresario DUGGIE CHAPMAN MBE who sadly passed away on the 1st of April. His final appearance was at The Lowther Pavilion in Lytham and as Beryl his long-time partner said in her thank you “he went out to a full house and a standing ovation “and no one deserved it more.

Unfortunately I could not be there as I was in New York; Dave was also away but his fellow Water Rat John Stokes I’m happy to say was there to represent us.


If you look through our web site going back 22 years no promoter is mentioned more than Duggie Chapman. He had faith in us right from the very beginning and no one gave us more work than he did. Some people gamble on Horses, Football or Dogs etc but he gambled on people, people he believed had talent, who would fit into a variety show and for that, a lot of us, who appeared on his many shows will be forever grateful. The smell of his cigar will forever linger around the dressing rooms of many theatres up and down the country. . A talented man in his own right from a child actor to one of the best Music Hall chairmen ever - but more importantly, a nice man.

Rest in peace Duggie it’s time to leave the stage.


You will recall back on the 26th of February Des Day from the Blackpool branch of EQUITY had us appearing in a show at The Lowther Pavilion to help raise funds for the development of the said theatre. Well it was so successful that we are putting our own show on there on Wednesday the 23rd of August at 2.30 pm. This time DES DAY will be our guest along with our favourite girl singer GAYNOR CONNOR. Tickets can be purchased from the box office and full details are on the poster.

Des also recommended us to CLEVELYS WORKING MENS CLUB who have booked us to appear on Wednesday night the 19th of July and tickets can be obtained from the club when they go on sale. Any problems contact Margaret our secretary.

Lowther show August 2017 Clevelys


DianaAugust 31st 1997 is a date that will live in history as one of those days when everyone will remember where they were when the heard the tragic news. We had been working at the EMBASSY THEATRE in SKEGNESS on the Saturday with Craig Douglas and Jimmy Cricket. We stayed the night as we were all working at THE FUTURIST THEATRE in SCARBOROUGH the following day and I think it was John Stokes who told Kevin and I on Sunday morning that Princess Diana had been killed in a car crash in Paris. Our first reaction was disbelief as it was just too hard to take in but once we saw it on the news the reality finally sunk in that it was true.

That Sunday we drove to Scarborough assuming that when we got there the show would be cancelled but that was not the case. The theatre decided it would go on but that anyone who wanted a refund could have one. Only a few people did so the show went ahead. The audience seemed to appreciate that it wasn’t easy for any of us to perform under the circumstances but we all did. Craig was his usual charming self as he ran through his many hits, Jimmy had the hardest job of all, to make people laugh and God knows we needed cheering up.

I have sung” DIANE” over a thousand times since I teamed up with JOHN STOKES but never was it more poignant than that day on the 31st of August 1997.

It is not always Bachelor commitments that cause us to turn down cruise offers but our separate individual involvements, for example I have gone into promoting shows and cabaret lunches while John and Dave both have their own interests.
Therefore it is nice when we can actually do one which was the case at the end of June when we had a nice trip around the Mediterranean lasting 12 days. It was nice to revisit places like Lisbon, Gibraltar and other places whose names I can’t spell.  The shows went really well in fact we even sold out of CD’s which can’t be bad. A special thank you to the band who as well as being great musicians were really nice people as were the sound and lighting guys, making it a really lovely cruise.
Quite a few people from the ship came to see us at the two venues we were doing in Blackpool and we would like to thank everyone at   CLEVELEYS WORKINGS MENS for making the night such a great success. The staff were all marvellous and a big thank you to Mark and Roy for excellent backing, they are a great example for keeping music live. We always prefer to be part of a show as opposed to working on our own and we could not have asked for better than TRACEY JORDAN from THE JOE LONGTHORNE SHOW, what a singer? And compere DES DAY.

Des also came along to compere our show at THE LOWTHER PAVILION in Lytham on Wednesday afternoon the 23rd of August and did a great job linking the show with his wit and humour. We must give a big thank you to THE CLIVE ALLAN SOUND, who not only backed us, but performed a great opening spot. Closing the first half was the truly wonderful GAYNOR CONNOR who incidentally first appeared with us on THE NORTH PIER THEATRE in 1999. Everyone commented on how great the sound and lighting was and for that we have Stuart to thank, not forgetting Bob the stage manager who kept us all on our toes. We are also most grateful to Ross from their publicity department for the video he put together which should give to a taste of the event. Our gratitude goes out to all our fans, some of whom travelled from Manchester, the Midlands and beyond. A lot of them have been coming to see us for over 22 years and quite a few of them we now regard as friends.

If I was a reporter this would be called a follow up story. Some of you might remember last November we did a show to help raise money for the cancer treatment of KEN MUTCH, the father of Darren a friend of mine who  has just let me know that the treatment was successful and Christies have given him the all clear, although they will continue to monitor him. That is great news and I am just glad that THE BACHELORS with John Stokes and all our friends who attended the fund raising show at the EITHAD STADIUM helped in some small way to bring about a result that justified the HUTCH family’s courage and belief.

LOWTHER PAVILION, Lytham, Wednesday 23rd of August 2017
Lowther 1 Lowther2
The stage is set... Rehearsal
Show time!
Click below to play the video.

On Monday the 2nd of November John and I had the sad task of attending the funeral of our dear friend ANN BROWN at Lytham Crematorium.

Ann of course will be remembered by those of you who attended our holidays at Tiffany’s and The Metropole in Blackpool. John has known her since they first met in her home town of Warrington about thirty years ago when he first asked her to help with the holidays.

When you are organizing holidays for mainly senior citizens someone like Ann was invaluable as she had been an auxiliary nurse and as well as that she had the experience of actually managing Care Homes . She was also great at running the bingo. Ha!.

Ann had a quiet way of getting things done, never got flustered, had time for people and liked a good laugh and that’s how we will remember her. It was a nice service and for that thanks must go to the Reverend David Phillips for his well-chosen words and the music wasn’t bad, “I Believe” and “Ramona”. It was also nice to meetAnn’s family and if grief is the measure of love ANN BROWN was very much loved indeed. Rest in peace.

ann  brown2

I was looking through some old photographs and found this one. It was taken at the start of our 2003 summer season at The North Pier Theatre, Blackpool for the late Duggie Chapman, The Show consisted of The Tiptoes Kidz, (Where are they now) Our great pal STU FRANCIS, the wonderful BERYL JOHNSTON and the larger than life MIKE TERRY who sadly recently passed away. Mike closed the first half with a great act and captured the whole audience from start to finish. I used to have a laugh winding him up about the time he played Captain Mike in a Kids show for Yorkshire television. A unique style unashamedly influenced by his own personal favourite Winifred Attwell and it could be said the he alone was personally responsible for keeping the memory of Dorothy Squires alive. May he himself be long remembered and may he rest in peace.

Mike Terry

Hi everyone.

Looking back over the year we made some great memories and experienced a few sad ones, not least losing one of our greatest fans, Irene’s friend Jackie Smart. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends who supported us by buying our C.D.s and attending our shows. As Kevin would always say “We met up with some old friends and made some new ones”. As for John, Dave and myself we all spent Christmas with our families and we hope you all had a great Christmas as well.

I would especially like to thank Laurence Payne who takes my thoughts and Ideas, puts them on our web site so they make some kind of sense.

So looking forward to 2018, THE BACHELORS with John Stokes would like to wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR.