PANTOMIMES 2014/2015

Riverfront Theatre, Newport


2 December  2014 - 4 January 2015

Written by Daniel O'Brien, Directed by Colin Blumenau.
Choreographer: Emma Goodwin.
Cast includes: Richard Elis, Emma Goodwin, Elin Llwyd, Lee Mengo, Michael Onslow, Nerine Skinner and Gareth Tempest. South Wales Argos review by Andy Howells

It’s panto time again and this year’s Newport Riverfront offering, Hiss and Boo’s presentation of Dick Whittington, is already entertaining Gwent audiences and wastes no time in getting into the storyline of how Dick and his trusty cat, Tommy, travel to London to flee the capital city of rats.

Combining adventure, comedy, song, dance and a few double entendres for the grown ups, the show also includes high sea adventure and a Morocco location.

Newport’s own Gareth Tempest takes the title role with an air of Douglas Fairbanks Jr about him while Nerine Skinner breaks the mould of Fairy Godmothers by delivering an energetic portrayal as Bowbells.

Emma Goodwin’s Tommy the cat has all the energetic prowess to fend off enemy rodents and Michael Onslow takes on no less than three roles as a straight man to other characters crazy antics while getting plenty of laughs on his own accord.

It’s always a pleasure to witness Lee Mengo in his panto dame roles and this year is no exception serving up a new creation, Sarah the Cook, honed to perfection and bringing much warmth to the role.

Elin Llwyd as the feisty but beautiful Alice strikes the balance of superb acting, singing and dancing for extra razzle dazzle and Richard Elis’ King Rat brings a baddie the audience simply love to hate.

Ensemble performers lead by Alexander Day, Joshua Galvin, Chrissie Perkins and Ioanna Kamenou bring some tight and well constructed choreography to the show in multiple roles.

Featuring a cast that love to perform and guaranteed fun for the family, Newport’s very own panto treat Dick Whittington runs until January 4.

dick whittington

" is clear that everyone, the mums and dads as well as the kids are all having a fantastic time."
Theatre in Wales

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Dick Whittington Newport 2014 4

And when it's all over...

robin hoodThe Hall for Cornwall, Truro


7 December  2014 - 4 January 2015




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